Building a Consulting Biz

The attraction of affiliate marketing is obvious, as we’ve discussed.  Putting a sales pitch together one time and finding more and more sources of targeted traffic to drive toward that one pitch.

The beauty in that is the ability to get your message across without having to deal with the general public population–truly a dream come true!

But as great as affiliate marketing can be, it’s also got its flaws as well, all resulting from one central concern–lack of control.

See, affiliate marketing is great in that you’re not responsible for product development, the sale, any refunds, payments–none of it falls on you to track or run.  But there’s an inherent price with all of these “perks” as well, as you can’t control the quality of that product or the quality of that sales pitch, which can definitely affect the amount of money hitting your pocket.

On top of that, you never truly know when the product you’re promoting can disappear off the map completely.  A short story of mine–when I first got into affiliate marketing, I had a great stream of traffic all pointed at a product that I was converting 4% of cold traffic from.  Well, one day, the owner of that product decided to end the affiliate program I was involved with and POOF, one of my income stream was gone overnight.

Take back that control and sell the skills you’ve learned during your research in affiliate marketing.

Want to know what the biggest, baddest, evergreen niche in all of internet marketing is?  Well I’m telling ya regardless…

Consult with local business owners and help them build an online presence.

See, local businesses pop up every day–they’re literally a renewable resource as this point, as one business fails it leaves room for more to grow.  The thing is, these local business owners are very good at their own line of work–running their business–and have little desire and even littler time to spend learning the online world.

That’s where you enter.  If you’ve been successful in affiliate marketing then you have two crucial skills that local business owners do not–website building and traffic generation.

You have to consider the ways that local business owners are acquiring customers, which generally does not involved internet campaigns.

Prove the value you can bring to the business by building a site that will convert visitors and then explode that business by harnessing the traffic generating power of the internet.

This type of situation can equate to several thousands of dollars a month when you do it right.

By far my favorite means of making money online today, I’m still mastering the overall process to become as efficient as possible on the subject, so stay tuned as more info on this and more soon to come!