Affiliate Marketing

As I mentioned before, affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways to monetize the internet.

With MLM, step one is generally going through your contact list and pitching everyone of your friends and family to buy and/or join this new product/company that you’re really interested in.

This entire process feels icky to me, as you have all the unpleasantries that selling has to offer and you’re offering them up to the people you care most about.  On top of the common fear of failure, you can now also be anxious about the fact that your friends and family are judging you on the merits of your newest endeavor.  Nah, not for me.  You won’t find any info on this type of business model here.

Affiliate marketing on the other hand can deliver us from said unpleasantries, and deliver unto us the passive income streams that we’re all aiming to build–am I right?

As I’ve said before, at its core, affiliate marketing is basically becoming a sales rep for the company/product you’re invested in.

Affiliate marketing is a win/win for companies wishing to sell their products, as their marketing costs are fixed, and they only pay when a representative makes a sale.

One thing that makes affiliate marketing especially lucrative in today’s world is the internet’s ability to minimize human effort in the sales and closing processes.

In the old days, sales reps used to make special trips and hold special meetings with special people in special positions in special companies.

In today’s world, you can perfect our pitch, record it, and publish it online.

In sales, one thing that you’ll hear a lot about is the law of averages–the more people you pitch, the more people that will buy, obviously.

Well the beauty of the internet is that once you publish that pitch, you never have to pitch again, only drive traffic to the pitch.

Which is another topic in and of itself, but I digress.

To find products that you can start selling today, check out ClickBank, a very trusted affiliate marketplace that has always paid me on time and in full–just Google them!

But if you’d like to learn more from the man himself, ahem, me, just hit me up and tell me your interested!